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Vulnerability Assessment

A vulnerability assessment is the process of defining, identifying, classifying and prioritizing vulnerabilities in computer systems, applications and network infrastructures.

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Next Generation Firewall

A Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) is a part of the third generation of firewall technology, combining a traditional firewall with other network device filtering functionalities, such as an application firewall using in-line deep packet inspection (DPI), an intrusion prevention system (IPS)

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UTM Solutions

Unified threat management (UTM) consolidates multiple security and networking functions with one unified appliance that protects businesses and simplifies infrastructure.

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Security Fabric For Business & Enteprise

GS2 Cyber Security provides security services for all parts of the network and infrastructure that are designed to work together as a single, integrated Security Fabric to protect against sophisticated threats.

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Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing helps organisations meet compliance requirements and uncover security risks. A great proactive approach to managing your company's network security can be penetration testing. A penetration test can help show how an attacker would gain unauthorized access to your environment through your email systems, firewalls, VPN tunnels, web servers and other network devices.

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Cyber Threat Intelligence Services

Cyber Threat Intelligence Services design and build cyber threat intelligence (CTI) processes and solutions within your security operations to optimize your ability to consume, analyze and apply threat intelligence to protect the business. Our services focus on strategic planning, threat communications, technical solutions and workforce expertise required to implement an intelligence-driven cyber security program.

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Protect your Business and Reputation with GS2 Proven Cyber Security Service

Cyber threats continue to evolve globally at a rapid pace with a rising number of data breach cases occurring every year. It is mostly experienced by retailers, medical services, and public entities but businesses that use networks are more appealing to cyber criminals because they target customer data, corporate espionage, or customer attacks. Cyber security protects internet-connected devices and services from the malicious attacks of cyber criminals and hackers. Thus, businesses and companies looking to protect against data breaches, identity threats, ransomware attacks, and financial losses can rely upon professional cyber security services to defend devices and services from cyber criminals attacks. GS2 Cyber Security is a leading company providing a reliable and widest range of security solutions for small, medium, and large businesses across India.

GS2 Cyber Security Service Stands Out due to its Distinguish Features

GS2 Cyber Security is a Delhi based reliable and trusted company offering a wide gamut of security services such as cloud security, network, and web security, secure Wi-Fi hotspot, IP surveillance, and customized enterprise solutions. The company is known for providing the widest range of security solutions for small, medium, and large businesses across India. The security services of the company stand out due to the below-given features:

Cover Multiple Threats – We, at GS2 Cyber Security, provide security solutions that cover multiple threats and just not detect and prevent malware infection. Businesses should never opt for multiple cyber security solutions to address diverse security threats because this will take up more space and computing resources and can prove expensive also.  

Robust Monitoring Function – Our security solutions come with robust monitoring functions that smoothly operate with the client’s infrastructure. Clients will not only be able to see their web traffic but can also see if something anomalous happens in their system. Any new file in the system that is not installed or downloaded by the client indicates that malware has infected their device.

Choose a Security Solution designed with Bots – We, at GS2 Cyber Security, design cybersecurity solution in India with bots in mind and has anti-bot functions like reCAPTCHA, rate-limiting, blacklisting, signature detection, and other strategies that easily detect bot activity and cease them in their tracks before causing any damage.

Artificial Intelligence – We make use of AI to strengthen our security solution and our highly advanced AI enhances cyber threat detection and prevention efficiency. Besides, we also make use of deep learning algorithms to train our security systems to quickly identify potential threats based on data collected from worldwide computer users.

Complete Support – Not every business is competent enough to handle cybersecurity with advanced functions, so we are experts in setting up and administering a security system and provide complete support to our clients at every step.  

Types of Cyber Threats for Business

With businesses in India today living and thriving on the Internet, cyber-attacks are a constant threat to them. A breach in security severely affects an organization and with the stakes so high, businesses need to protect their data and information. Some of the common cyber security threats for businesses include:

Phishing - It is a type of security attack that targets people's weaknesses through social engineering and deception. This is usually done through emails containing links to cloned sites that look the same as the account login page and then hacker mine the data that is required to gain access.  

Malware - It is a blanket term used for software having malicious intentions and different types of malware are designed like spyware, worms, and viruses to carry out nasty business. It is expertly hidden and coded in the network to drain victim accounts unnoticed for years.

Ransomware - It is a type of Malware that is unknowingly installed by the users themselves when they install a file thinking that it was an update. The malware then completely takes over and locks users out of their own network. In some cases, it also encrypts all their data and threatens to destroy it by not paying the ransom.

Benefits of Hiring a Cybersecurity Service Provider in India

To protect your business from cyberattacks that cause loss of data, financial damage, and results in customers' loss of trust, it is essential to avail of cybersecurity services from a leading company in India. There are several benefits of hiring a specialist cyber security service provider because they implement protocols to control users’ access to data and prevent certain applications from being installed or used. Some of the other benefits of obtaining security solutions from a reputed security firm include:

  • Businesses have access to the latest and most effective security tools and techniques that keep their business protected from cyber hacks and threats.
  • Enterprises can concentrate on their businesses while the cybersecurity experts will handle and manage all the security needs. It is also a cost-effective solution that reduces the risks associated with cybercrime.
  • With companies becoming reliant on digital technologies, there is a great risk of data breaches that may result in the loss of customers, money, and valuable data. A cyber security firm will help the company protects data from being accessed by unauthorized users and they also help create a contingency plan for the data breach.
  • Without proper cyber security solutions, it will become easy to cause damage to power grids and water treatment facilities that are essential for the running of the world.


Types of Cyber Security Services Offered

GS2 Cyber Security solution can be used by organizations to develop security strategies, technical plans, and roadmaps that are closely in sync with their strategic business objectives. We help clients manage their risks and bring them to a level so these don’t pose a major threat. Organizations can make us their security partners to enhance their existing capabilities and resolve their complex security issues. Our cyber security services include:

Vulnerability Assessment – It is a process to identify and prioritize vulnerabilities in systems, applications, and network infrastructure.

Next-Generation Firewall – It is a firewall technology that filters functionalities like application firewalls using deep packet inspection, and an intrusion prevention system.

UTM Solutions – UTM or Unified Threat Management fuses several security and networking functions with a unified device to protect businesses.  

Security Fabric for Business & Enterprise – It covers entire parts of the network and infrastructure that are designed to work together as one and protect it against sophisticated threats.

Penetration Testing – It helps organizations meet compliance requirements and discover security risks. It is a proactive way to manage a company’s network security.

Cyber Threat Intelligence Services – It helps organizations design and builds cyber threat intelligence processes and solutions within their security operations to enhance their ability to analyze and apply threat intelligence to protect businesses.

Building Blocks of an Effective Cybersecurity Program

Businesses that utilize internet power have a greater responsibility to develop an effective security strategy. Today, companies need to infuse technology and processes together to handle the complicated external regulations, software, hardware, and internal policy design. Threats used by cybercriminals are regularly evolving and hence companies need to add more complexity and regulations to their security system. The building blocks of a successful cybersecurity program include:

Plan the Security Program - The first and foremost step is to create a comprehensive security program that has information written based on the risks that the company poses. This process is vital for the entire company and is handled in association with senior leadership, though the process is managed by information security leaders. Many times, it is worth taking the help of experienced consultants to determine weaknesses and develop a comprehensive strategy.  

Monitor and Detect Threats - After putting a strategy in place, businesses need to understand that it will not be 100% effective and hence they need to develop a program to monitor and investigate threats. Recently it has been observed that a company that does not have a sufficient security detection program for protecting their customer's data was fined. A company can invest in alert software and create its own security team and some may hire services like managed detection ad response.  

Test the Efficacy of the Security Program - The next step for the company is to test the security program efficacy by hiring a firm to attack the system regularly through penetration testing, running vulnerability scans on the network, and hiring services to evaluate the network.

Provide Security Training to Employees - Companies need to provide security training to all employees in the organization because a strategy will be as effective as the training given to employees. It is usually observed that employees unwillingly install malware on corporate networks by using thumb drives found somewhere.

Document the Response - Next, the company should document its response to the identified security threats because, with an action response plan in place, the company can quickly respond when any security issue penetrates its network. No security system can be effective without this plan.

Review Third-party Security Programs – The Company finally need to make sure that its security partners have effective security programs and they should develop a process to regularly review those programs. It has been observed that security hacks occur because the security partner was having a below-standard security system. Security regulators are now holding the company responsible for the mistakes of their security partners, so the company needs to regularly review its security program.  

Why choose GS2 Cyber Security for Managed Cybersecurity?

With so many security service providers available in Delhi, GS2 Cyber Security services are preferred by the majority of businesses because the company’s managed cyber security service provides comprehensive protection against all types of cyber-attacks while meeting the standard security compliance. Some of the other reasons to choose GS2 Cyber Security services include:

Renders best security solutions to businesses in India to safeguard their company as well as employees Served by competent and certified cybersecurity professionals Hold great expertise in several information security benchmarks, compliance frameworks, and methodologies Operates with the values of customer-centric, professionalism, transparency, and commitment Happily accept valuable feedback from our clients and strive to improve on every possible path