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Cyber Security Companies In India Protecting The Corporate World From Millions Of Online Threats

Cyber Security Companies In India Protecting The Corporate World From Millions Of Online Threats
Cyber Security Companies In India Protecting The Corporate World From Millions Of Online Threats
Cyber security is still in its nascent stage in India. The Indian Government is taking a lot of initiatives for encouraging digital transformation with the growth of cyber security firms. Many cyber security companies in India are using innovative approaches for protecting customers. These companies ensure that the corporate world is protected from cyber attacks.

Services Offered By An Experienced Cyber Security Company

Hackers are finding newer ways to get into sensitive networks. They aim to seize your data for any unethical practices. You need comprehensive cyber security for protecting your network and devices from hidden and unpredictable threats. To cyber security services are focused on protecting system vulnerabilities.

Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability assessment reviews the security weakness in the information system systematically. It assesses whether a system is susceptible to known vulnerabilities, offers severity levels to the vulnerabilities, and also recommends mitigation or remediation when needed. Some of the threats prevented by it include XSS, SQL injection, and code injection threats.

There are different kinds of vulnerability assessments such as host assessment, database assessment, wireless and network assessment, and application scans. A vulnerability assessment offers an organization with details on security weaknesses. It also offers direction for assessing the risks linked with the weaknesses. This method provides an organization with a better understanding of security flaws, assets, and risk thus minimizing the possibilities of a cyber criminal breaching the systems.Vulnerability assessment tools can scan new and prevalent threats, which target an organization. The tools are web application scanners, network scanners, and protocol scanners. The outcome of these scans must be a part of the vulnerability assessment.

Threat Intelligence Service

Threat intelligence is information that an organization uses for understanding the threats targeting an organization. This information is used for preventing, preparing, and identifying cyber threats that want to take benefit of the resources.

Threat intelligence services help organizations get valuable knowledge about threats and build appropriate defense mechanisms and solve the risks, which can damage their reputation. Threat intelligence provides the ability to defend the systems proactively.When implemented properly, threat intelligence services can help to gain the objectives such as:
  • Ensuring you remain updated with the huge volume of threats such as vulnerabilities, methods, and targets
  • You can become proactive regarding future cyber security threats
  • It keeps stakeholders, leaders, and users' information related to the newest threats that they have on businesses.
Threat intelligence is divided into three parts including tactical, strategic, and operational. It is important to select the right threat intelligence services for the best results.

UTM Solutions

Unified threat management or UTM is a single security solution that offers many security functions at one point. It includes functions such as anti-spyware, antivirus, network fire walling, anti-spam, intrusion detection and prevention, leak prevention, and content filtering. UTM solutions have gained attention because of blended thetas that are combinations of various kinds of malware. Preventing the attacks is difficult if you are using separate vendors for every security task. Every aspect needs to be updated and managed separately. By creating a single console, UTM solutions deal with different threats easily. Many cyber security companies in India are implementing this solution. 

UTM solutions secure a network from malware, viruses, and malicious attachments through scanning incoming data. It prevents access to inappropriate websites through the installation of web filtering. It can automatically update the newest security features and anti-virus definitions. Administrators can manage many security functions using a management console.

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing or Pen Test is a cyber attack against a computer system for checking the exploitable vulnerabilities. Pen test includes attempted breach of applications for uncovering vulnerabilities.Penetration testing is performed using automated or manual technologies. After vulnerabilities are exploited on a system, the testers might launch other exploits at internal resources for achieving greater security levels, and better access to assets through escalation.

Penetration tests should be done regularly for ensuring constant network security and IT management. Penetration testers shall reveal the new threats and vulnerabilities. Besides regular assessments, tests must be run whenever there is up-gradation to infrastructure, network infrastructure is added, or user policies are altered.

If you need a protected network where you can work fearlessly, you need to join hands with the cyber security companies in India.
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