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Corporate World Needs A Strong Backup From Cyber Security Startups India

Corporate World Needs A Strong Backup From Cyber Security Startups India
Modern world is based on the “World Wide Web””. In absence of the internet like will be petrified. As the dependency on the internet is growing so also the incidents of cyber attacks. From startups to big businesses, each entity is vulnerable to cyber attacks in different forms. It has resulted in the increase of tools to deal with and fight cyber threats and invisible hackers.These days businesses have started to rethink the strategies to adjust to the changing situations. Companies have to additional measures and efforts for strengthening cyber security. Companies are searching for cybersecurity service providers so that they can upgrade their cyber security measures. This is the smartest approach that businesses use for promoting cyber security. Considering this situation, many Indian startups are providing cyber security services. This is a boon for cyber security startups in India. The number of startups in this area has been growing exponentially. The flexible work models have enhanced the need to spend on cyber security expenses. Cyber security in India has gained huge prominence in recent times.

Need for Cyber security Services

Keeping a company safe from data loss, hackers, and breaches takes a lot more than just antivirus software and firewall. Hacking is an expensive and serious global problem, which has damaged the finances and reputation of small and big companies alike.As per a report, almost 55 percent of medium and small-sized businesses have fallen victim to cyber attacks and more than 50% have suffered from data breaches including employee and customer information. The cyber crimes were not only hackers but most of the data breaches were caused by contractors, negligent employees, and third parties.The results of hacking are time-consuming, complicated, and expensive and they can close businesses. Small companies can be hacked easily as they do not have the experience to deal with the cyber security needed to fight sophisticated hackers. Startups allocate cash to grow their business rather than protecting them. The effects of hacking on small companies can result in huge losses forcing them to close their businesses. These factors have resulted in hiring cyber security startups India.

Services Offered by Cyber Security Startups India

There are a lot of services that cyber security startups offer. These are as follows:
  • IT Managed Services: One of the popular services that a stratup cyber security company offers is an outsourced IT support. With this service, a non-technical company can offload its technical support responsibilities. Startup cyber security companies offer this service at a large scale to many client companies.
  • Penetration testing: One more common service offered is Penetration Testing. This testing is offered when a cyber security organization is hired by a company to test the computer systems to decide the system that is vulnerable to a hacker or an attacker. During the test, the client company shall list out the processes it wanted to be tested.
  • Systems Auditing: Systems Auditing is when clients ask cyber security companies to check their security policies and measures to ensure they implement the security policy. This differs from penetration testing where auditing is performed by comparing the security measures of a company. With cyber security auditing, several companies specialize in a single area including FERPA or HIPAA.
  • Outsourced Chief Technology Officer: Another service offered by cyber security startups India is acting as a Chief Technology Officer of the client company. Outsourced CTO services might include negotiating software purchases, reviewing security policies, and representing the company to external parties during a technology issue. Though some professionals might find this role problematic but is an important one.
  • Tools for other cyber security companies: One major area, which is often overlooked is the cyber security companies, which provide and develop software, products, and tools to other companies. There are startup companies that offer cyber security tools to assess the system for threats and vulnerabilities. The start-up companies offer cyber security tools to their clients.
Failing to implement proper cyber security companies might have huge adverse financial consequences. Protecting data is quite challenging and every employee working in an organization might not understand how important is a cyber security policy or the kinds of data that should be protected. Some companies have limited resources to spend on cyber security issues. This is the reason why companies irrespective of their sizes are hiring cyber security startups India.
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